Megamix Comimpex

Megamix - Fabrica

Megamix - Fabrica

Tubulatură de ventilație și climatizare, coșuri de fum, recuperatoare de căldură, clapete de reglaj, filtre, atenuatoare de zgomot Megavent - calitate superioară la preț de producător.



MEGAVENT products are manufactured in our own factory, founded in 2011 and provided with the highest technology equipment:

  • high capacity production line for rectangular ductwork;

  • ducts made ​​of a single piece of sheet metal that is closed by tightly bending its edges, resulting a high degree of seal stability;

  • equipment for manufacturing circular duct type Spiro;

  • automatic plasma that allows small losses which implies lower prices;

  • machine for closing elbows through mechanically bent (non-seamed tubing), which confers a better sealing;


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