Megamix Comimpex



Centrale,de tratare a aerului, ventilatoare, ventiloconvectoare, sisteme close-control, sisteme split, guri ventilație ...


  • Modular air handling units, with or without heat recovery - LMF.

  • Heat recovery units with heat pump and plated cross flow heat exchanger - LMF.

  • Air handling units type ROOF-TOP with or without enthalpy control - ACM.

  • Close Control Systems - ACM.

  • Units for the production of cooled water (Chillers) - ACM

  • Fans for domestic and industrial purposes - MAICO - DYNAIR.

  • Fan coil units for surface mounting or inside fake ceiling - DAIKIN; TEKNOPOINT.

  • Vents, grilles, diffusers - ACP. 

  • Air Conditioning Systems - Teknopoint, Samsung, Daikin.

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