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Coşuri de fum din tablă zincată la exterior şi inox la interior, inox (mat sau oglindă) la exterior şi inox la interior


Megamix - Birouri

Birouri - Cluj-Napoca Str. Elicei Nr. 6

Megamix - Showroom

Showroom - Cluj-Napoca Str. Elicei Nr. 6

Megamix - Administrativ

Administrativ - Cluj-Napoca Str. Elicei Nr. 6

Megamix - Proiectare

Proiectare şi consultanţă tehnică

Megamix - Producţie

Producţie - Produsele MEGAVENT sunt realizate în propria noastră fabrică înființată în anul 2011, care este dotată cu utilaje de cea mai înaltă tehnologie.

Megamix - Depozit

Depozit - Cluj-Napoca Str. Elicei Nr. 6

The company MEGAMIX COMIMPEX S.R.L., ISO 9001:2008 certified, with experience in execution of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the tertiary and industrial sectors, is pleased to make known the range of services offered, from which we highlight, determining technical solutions, optimal configurations and energy consumption in the HVAC installations.

Engineering Design and Execution of Integrated
Systems for:

  • Ventilation Systems;

  • Air conditioning Systems;

  • Heating Systems

The company staff consists of highly experienced engineers and technicians with expertise in air conditioning and ventilation installations, and with a length of service ranging from 5 to 25 years, many of them being trained in training courses in the country and abroad.
The employees installers
are certified for work at high altitude and have individual life and health insurance.
Our company is ISO 9001-2008 certified for the production of ventilation ductwork and air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Our company is certified according to "Regulations (EC) no. 303/2008 and 307/2008 of the Commission of Establishment, in conformity with the Regulation (EC) no 842/2006 of the European Parliament and Council, on minimum requirements and conditions of mutual recognition for the certification of companies and technical personnel in regards of the stationary equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and for heat pumps, respectively the air conditioning systems in certain motor vehicles that contain certain fluorinated greenhouse gases”.

Equipment for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installations:

  • Modular air handling units, with or without energy recovery;

  • Air handling units ROOF-TOP type with or without enthalpy control (temperature + humidity);

  • Fan coil units for surface mounting or inside fake ceiling;

  • Air conditioning systems with heat pump operating in heating mode for outdoor temperatures up to -20 ° C;

  • Standard and inverter split systems operating in regard with outdoor temperatures (45 ° C to -15 ° C), equipped with ultra silent COPELAND compressors and electric motors GENERAL ELECTRICS;

  • Fans for domestic and industrial purposes;

  • Equipment for the production of cooled water (CHILLERS);

  • Close Control Equipment for server rooms;

  • Vents, grilles, diffusers, adjusting and closing elements, air intakes, fire dampers;

  • Flexible duct, pre-insulated or insulated thermally and acoustically.


In our factory, which is provided with high-tech equipment, we manufacture the following:

• Rigid Ducts for Ventilation – spiral and rectangular;

• Circular Ducts for Ventilation MEGAVENT-SAFE type provided with Gaskets;

• Ventilation Ductwork for Pneumatic Transport;

• Special Parts for Ventilation (Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Plenums, etc);

• Metal Chimneys;

• Heat Recovery Units;

• Silencers – circular and rectangular;

• Filters;

• Control Dampers – manual and motorised.

Equipment and Cooling Systems

  • Water Chillers (minimum temperature 4°C; with capacities up to 1600 Kw; with condenser cooled by air or water; only for cooling or reversible for indoor/outdoor mounting; in one piece or split; standard or silent)

Full Range of Services

  • Technical advice and engineering design;

  • Technical economic analysis and cost estimating;

  • Business activities (import);

  • Transport equipment on site;

  • Technical assistance on site;

  • Installation and commissioning;

  • Providing training to maintenance personnel;

  • Service warranty (1 to 2 years, depending on type of equipment)

  • Providing spare parts under warranty and in post-warranty;


TEKNO POINT, ISO 9002 certified, Italian company specialized in the manufacture of ventilation systems (fans, accessories, etc.) and air conditioning systems, for domestic and industrial use.
ACP (Air Conditioning Products), Israeli company founded in 1982, the most important producer in Romania of grilles and diffusers for air conditioning and ventilation systems.
ACM KALTE - KLIMA, Italian - German company specialized in the production of air-conditioning equipment (Rooftops, Chillers, Close Control Systems for server rooms).
SAMSUNG, the world leader in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment for domestic and industrial use
DAIKIN, well known Japanese multinational company founded in 1924 that produces a wide range of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems.
LMF, Italian company specialized in the manufacture of equipment and units for air-conditioning, heating and air-handling systems
MAICO ITALIA, with divisions DYNAIR and ELICENT, is an important Italian company specialized in production of domestic and industrial fans.

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